Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Good and Evil From The Beginning:

This Blog is for people that still believe in the Bible. If you have already rejected it on the basis of "science; philosophy; rationalism; relativism or political correctness, than we have nothing to talk about. Your world is going to change dramatically in a very short time. Mine has already changed. Permit me to illustrate:
I recall reading a "short story" by Washington Irving wherein a good citizen among the early pilgrims had a dream. In it, he was watching as all of the "good and leading citizens" that he knew from "Sunday Services" were also attending "coven meetings" at night. He even counted his wife among the number in the dream.
The result was, he began to question every relationship and wonder whether or not he was dealing with a good man acting bad or a bad man acting good. My story is very similar; only, it wasn't a dream. I won't go into details here because this isn't about "getting even". Revenge is for fools and those that neither have faith nor common sense.
This isn't about money. No desire to collect one penny from the corrupt societies that have literally taken control of our world. Plus, due to my health issues, I do not feel a desire to pursue any of the pleasantries that most of you take for granted.
Now, Let's start with the beginning, shall we?
1. Adam and Eve were in the garden. Which was paradise. Who let the snake in? Who invited the lizard to the "apple party?" For those that don't ask such questions...feel free to stop here.
2. Is Evil permitted by good? If so, what is its purpose? Why does God, who is good, permit such great evil in this wicked world of ours?
The rational man can draw but 2 conclusions:
1. God is weak. This is what modern portrayals of Jesus are all about. Satan must be stronger than God to be able to crash the party.
2. God is Smart: Permitting evil on this earth must provide us with an education we can gain in no other fashion. Interaction with evil is a necessary part of our growth and development. The first step to that growth is acknowledging its existence.
I choose the second choice
You Can't have it both ways! You can't believe in a Supreme Being unless you believe in A Supreme "Bum". Everything, after all, must have an opposite. This is a "law" (not a theory) of statistics that uses the "Bell Curve" to show extremes of positive, negative and average.
So, if you want to understand "Good" you have to "experience evil". If you want to understand hot, you must learn to understand cold.
Now, what about man?
1. Adam and Eve didn't pollute the garden. The Serpant did. Adam and Eve were both pure and innocent in "the beginning". Now, here is my proposal:
a. Man is a "dual being"; a combination of Intelligence and Light (which came from God and the eternities) and a thick coating of "dirt", which came from this earth.
b. Those that have seen "the dead" or had an out of body experience, saw that, even though their physical body was laying there in bed, they still possessed a spiritual body that was also material, albeit invisible, to the bodies made out of "dirt". This Spiritual body had form and substance. It was not some "glob of light" without form or substance.
2. Thus mortal man is made up of three components:
a. Intelligence that governs over matter.
b. A body that is made up of Permanent Physical Elements that are attached to that intelligence. This is the body he/she brought with them and will take with them when they die.
C. A Body made from "dirt".
Its just that simple. Nothing hard about it at all! Read your Bible and you will see it is full of this doctrine from one end to the other! Spirits exist and "dirt bodies exist"
Man is a 3-fold being! Not just a "dirt being" that grows out of the ground like a "banana tree".
1. Intelligence.
2. Spiritual Body with form and substance.
3. Physical Body made of Dirt.
Now for the million dollar question. Is man good or evil?
1. Intelligence is "Light and Truth". I would call that good! And God so loved "The World" that He sent His only Beloved Son to be offered for the world. It doesn't say, "God so loved the Christians, or the Moslems, or the Cleveland Browns. It doesn't say that God so loved the Jews, or the Romans. It says the world! That means everyone that lives on this earth!
2. Spirit is made of matter that is influenced by its governing "intelligence". So, if the governing intelligence is good (like Adam and Eve), then the matter it governs over will yield to truth and light....eventually!
Ahhh. but that's a whole new topic, isn't it?
3. Satan has no light or truth in him. He is called "The Prince of Darkness and lies" for a reason. Therefore, it would be safe to conclude that he "hates the world" and everyone in it. Since "light cleaveth to light" and "darkness to darkness".
4. Man, with a few exceptions, is gifted with some degree of intelligence. Or, some degree of "Godliness". Thus, God could love the world and offer it His only begotten Son.
So? Can a Good Man Do Bad Things? Can a Bad Man do Good Things? That will be our next question...
I can legitimately state, with full conviction, that true knowledge is "not one sided". A doctor that knows the body (which is good) is worthless unless he understands the "threats" that the body faces (which are evil).
So, why do we come to earth? How about, to experience both good and evil:
1. To recognize good.
2. To recognize evil.
3. To learn to tell the difference.
This being the case; the truly great intelligence will understand as much evil as he understands good. God understands evil, and thus He can govern over it and it will always obey His will.
A failure to recognize and acknowledge evil will lead to a limited understanding of that which is good.
1. Let's Pretend You are a Fireman. The bell sounds, you walk into the station, but...wait! There's a problem! You've never "experienced" a fire! Which tools do you take to combat it??? Gasoline? Water? Marshmallows and "Brats?"
Experience is good!
But, how do we prepare if we never have any experience?
Ahhh!!! That is the "Right Question"!